Saturday, March 5, 2016

Poor Peter

Because there has been so much of this...
We decided to do this.
It was very sad, but the nurse was quick and it was less traumatic than I anticipated.
They were testing for allergies and Celiac disease--all off which came back negative.  I think that is good news, but there were some abnormalities in his lymphocyte counts.  It is my understanding that this is part of his white blood cells.  The Dr. ordered another round of blood work, which results we are still awaiting.  I'm not terribly concerned, because he was coming off a sickness when the first test was done.  Hopefully, these will come back normal.
In the meantime, Peter got a dashing new haircut and has had a pretty significant improvement in his demeanor over the last week thanks to the expertise and advice of a friend.  I probably should have asked her months ago for help.  Monday morning she took me to the health food store and taught me how to help "heal his gut" so to speak.  Between a probiotic and slippery elm, he seems to be feeling SO much better.
He is very, very tall for his age-- so far off the chart.  We've had several tall children, but nothing like this.  Unfortunately, although he looks so old, he isn't talking at all.  He babbles and tries desperately to communicate, but he's really not talking anything understandable.  So I have an early intervention speech therapy appointment set for a couple of weeks from now.  Once again, our Sweet Pete keeps us on our toes and dispels any idea that we might ever be experts on raising children. 
This picture was taken on the train at the zoo a couple weeks ago.  I am really enjoying Peter's love of animals.  Of course almost all little children enjoy animals, but some seem consumed.  I remember that Clark made animal sounds well before he said any words.  Peter doesn't talk at all, but he does make a snake sound and roars for a dinosaur.   It is really fun for me to have another child be so passionate about animals.


Amy F. said...

Poor little Pete! I hope all ends well and you can find the cause of all the tears. John had to do major speech therapy and was in the 1% for severity. Like 99% of kids could talk better. He is now speaking 100% perfectly. We never thought that would happen, hopefully Pete's just a late bloomer like our John. Maybe he'll be a quiet basketball player with that height! :)

Ali said...

We love happy Peter! Did the test come back okay?