Saturday, March 12, 2016

Secret Garden Book Club Second Generation

When Clark, Bethany, and Elinor were younger we had years of wonderful kids' book clubs.  We still enjoying reminiscing the fun activities we did and remembering books we really liked.  I loved reading so many good books aloud with them, but of course the younger kids were too young to remember them.  So in the Second Generation book club with the younger kids we are repeating many of the same books.  This month it was The Secret Garden, which is one of my all-time favorites to read aloud.  I think I enjoy attempting the Yorkshire accent.
Also, it is one of the easiest book clubs to plan and carry out because I basically give the kids a bunch of jump ropes and tell them to go outside and play.  I plan it for a month when we're likely to have good weather, and this week's club did not disappoint.  They did jump rope for a while, but then they started playing "horse".  Once again, my very playful Bethany was right there in the mix, organizing kids and having a marvelous time.  She is so fun.
I absolutely adore this picture of Ava.  I think this picture proves that kids should play outdoors with very little parental direction more often.
I remember a couple of years back, wondering and perhaps worrying a bit, that my younger kids might not have the homeschooling network of friends that my older kids had.  We felt we had hit jackpot with good homeschooling friends for the older kids and we didn't think lightning would strike twice.  I am so grateful that that has not been the case.  We're the older parents now, but we have become friends with families that are homeschooling their oldest children who are the ages of Faith, Cannon, and George.  
They started out as a team of horses, but soon morphed into a Siberian husky team.   A very obedient Siberian Husky team.
Sad news--- part of this big, beautiful cottonwood tree in the front yard has died.  Someday it might need to be dealt with by a professional, but for now our hope and plan is that the tree will miraculously heal itself.  It could happen, yes?
On a side note, Faith recently "got" her front aerial in her gymnastics class.  That's basically a front walk over with no hands.  Go, Faith!
I just LOVE the smiles!  Why must we do school at all?  Can't they just play all day every day?

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