Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Ordinary Good Life

I realize that we are not going to have very much time as a family with everyone living here at home.  All these years of growing and adding to our family, and then suddenly, we'll start shrinking.  Fewer people at the dinner table each night.  Clark will most likely leave for a mission about one short year after the baby is born.  Lately, I've been okay about blogging about big family events and activities, but I don't feel like I'm capturing the day to day rhythm of life that I enjoy so much.  And as I see that end of an era approaching, I am excited, but also sad.  I am worried about not fully experiencing this time, just because we'll all be so busy.  I want to savor the time and remember it.  I am going to try to blog more often, about the ordinary moments, because they are what make us who we are. 
 There are lots of things I love about the picture.  Starting with George's jet pack he made for himself.  Once again, he love to collect what everyone else sees as trash.  He quickly gathered up all the silly string cans and said, "I can make something with these!"
He taped them together all by himself and requested help to strap them onto his back.  He has worn it all day yesterday and today.  
This tender-hearted, obedient, thoughtful, creative five year old has entirely won me over.  
I also like that this picture shows his highly unmanageable cow lick on the back of his head.  I'm still not sure how to deal with it.  Cut his hair short, or keep it long?  I do try.
I like Faith's photobomb.  Heck, I like that her hair is braided in this picture.  Proof that I try to neatly groom my children.  I even comb Peter's hair sometimes, but he promptly rubs his hands all over his head to mess it up.  Then he laughs.
Now here is a child who takes the styling of his hair very seriously.  He came downstairs after brushing his hair and it struck me that he had pretty well captured an awesome 80's hairdo. 
This was one of a series of picture I took of Cannon.  He's quite the poser and it's a little challenging to get a "normal" looking picture.
Peter with one of Elinor's chicks.  I am happy to say that with all of Peter's speech difficulties, he is increasing his number of animal sounds.  We feel this is very good progress.
Peter is quite the distraction during school work.  He especially likes to be by Bethany.
He likes to bring her books to read to him. Understandably, she has a hard time telling him no.
Clark planned a murder-mystery dinner group date this evening.  I tried to stay out of the way, but that little bits that I heard sounded like great fun.  It was especially fun to have his cousin Kyli (in the white skirt) join in the festivities.  Lots of laughing and great costumes.
Clark has lots of Abe's good qualities, including his ability to organize people and plan events. 
This evening Bethany is off to a stake dance and the little kids are trying hard to be quiet while they listen in on Clark's party.  Clark had some concerns about the presence of the little kids while he hosted the dinner party.  But I reminded him that they do live here and since I was making the dinner, they would not be banished all evening.  I'm still trying to convince him that his little sibling can be an asset rather than a liability with the ladies.
I guess the jury is still out on that one.

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