Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spokane Spring Break

I must have been having so much fun (or I was so dang tired) that I never got around to posting about our time in Spokane.  After the glory of winning the Idaho Regional we immediately headed up to visit family in Abe's hometown.  This is a much anticipated, much enjoyed trip every year.  We usually go in the summer for a family reunion, but since we're expecting a new little one right about that time, we decided to go early.  When Abe and I were engaged we went to Spokane in the springtime and I don't know that we've been back at that time of year since then.  It was lovely.
A highlight was going downtown to see the Spokane Falls.  Even though Abe is quite disturbed by heights, he braved going across the falls in a gondola (a sky ride).  We divided up boys and girls.
You'd have thought we would be braver.  And we were...
...until near the end of the ride, when Faith noticed a small spider descending onto my head.
Being suspended a hundred feet in the air over rushing rough waters in a small metal box--- no problem.
A very small arachnid coming towards me in said box... that was a very big problem.
I do remember these lovelies being little girls... and it wasn't that long ago.  Sigh.
Brotherly love.
I like how Abe is trying to put on a happy face.  I assure you he was even less comfortable than he looks.
Besides our one outing to the falls, the entire trip to Spokane was cousin immersion time.  Here's a picture of the younger teenagers headed to the mall for a bit of shopping and a movie.  Addy, Elinor, Abby, and Annie.  Try saying their names three times fast.  
Clark and the Babes headed out for pizza and dessert.  This group didn't even have to be chaufeurred anywhere.
Jessica and Faith were buddies.
We got in on one of the monthly "Grandma Story Times".  The Aunts run the show these days as it is a little much for Grandma.  They did stories in the playroom while the teenagers hid the eggs for a belated Easter egg hut.  Cannon and George either look very enthralled or very alarmed!
Daddy/Daughter 4-wheeling adventure.
Father/Son time.
I admit that I am happiest being a creature of routine in my own home.  I fear I tend to be a little grouchy and irritable when on vacation.  I must be such fun to travel with.
But fortunately for me and our children, Abe is not like me.  He's a cheerful, even keeled guy, most of the time, but he is very relaxed and fun while on vacation.
Faith's turn to have fun with Dad.
This is a digital player piano and Cannon had me in stitches as he pretended to play "Root Beer Rag" by Billy Joel.
We had a marvelous time on our traditional date with Jesse and Amy.  
Totally off topic-- we have a new missionary in our ward who spoke last Sunday.  Our whole family was having a hard time keeping a straight face because this young elder reminded us SO MUCH of one of the Fox boys.  He should be the 8th brother.  What do you think?
We really thought he was a combination of Jesse and Baden.  He even had the same cheerful Fox countenance and mannerisms.
 A stop at the cemetery to visit Abe's grandparents grave.  He is so supportive of visiting so much of my family each Memorial Day.  It was nice to go visit his family.
I love this picture with George and Grandpa and cousin, Brigham.  As we were packing up and loading the car I noticed that George's bag was bulging with additional items we had not brought up with us.  Upon investigation, we found five large bug catching jars, three golf balls, one metal stake, one metal lawn mower part, and a collection of acorns shoved into his bag.  Except for the three of the jars, he had permission to take everything.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.
One more picture of the ladies in their newly purchased anchor shirts.  I guess anchors are very trendy these days.  Cute girls.
All in all, it was a lovely trip to Spokane and even though being on a trip is sometimes hard for me, I LOVE coming home and feel much more relaxed than before I left. 

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Amy F. said...

So happy you came up! It made our spring break to have family up here!