Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break with a Detour in Boise

We planned all along to leave before the crack of dawn on Friday morning (April 1st).  We'd do a spring trip to Spokane to visit family, since we wouldn't be able to go this summer.  
But we didn't plan for a detour in Boise, ID.
After the disappointing finish in Colorado the previous weekend, we all reasonably assumed the robotics season was over.  
Until Clark got a phone call Wednesday morning.  Team member London called to say he'd had a dream that we went to the Idaho regional (beginning the next day) and he checked and there was an open spot, and was Clark available to go?
Abe and I looked at each other and doubtfully said, "I guess we could make it work..."  But in actuality, we didn't think it was a possibility, so it didn't matter much what we replied.
Miraculously, on Thursday and Friday, car-load by car-load, hour by hour, the team members and coaches and mentors arrived in Boise, ID.  London had contacted officials at FIRST headquarters to get the last spot.  We left as planned at 5:30 Friday morning, but drove to Boise, rather than straight to Spokane.  Our heads were still spinning from the previous two weekends of competitions, but we were back for more.  
I was happy to have my best cheering partner with me.  He is pretty much the team's best cheerleader.
George was back in action collecting swag in the pits.
This is the best photo bomb of the trip and a rare moment with Clark.  He was a slave to the pit and robot repairs, so we saw very little of him.
My cartoon character baby.  He was incredibly happy, or at least somewhat to be reasoned with, for most of the time.  That's really more than we can usually hope for.
The gang after lunch on Friday.  Peter and I were catching a little happy nappy in the car.
As of an Easter Sunday measurement, Clark is officially taller than Abe.  
Look... proof of a happy Peter!  It does happy from time to time, but it's elusive to capture on camera.
Staying in a hotel and swimming with friends... does life get any better for kids?
This hotel was a marked improvement from Camille and I's accommodations in Denver.  
A team scouting meeting in a hotel lobby.  This is where they go over their research from the day and talk about what robots they may want to pick for an alliance.
Kids settling down for the night listening to My Side of the Mountain.  
But first a healthy late night snack-- chips in bed.  

This ends the pictures of Day One of qualification matches. (to be read like an audio book narrator)

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