Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Catch Up 2016

The kid's choir had their spring concert last weekend.  They performed a shortened concert version of  The Mikado, which to be honest, I am not at all familiar with.  I know it was written by Gilbert and Sullivan back in the 1800s-something and is set in Japan.  It was interesting, and while not my favorite concert they've ever put on, I always enjoy seeing my kiddos perform and I like them to be exposed to different types of music and cultural experiences.
If you're interested in locating my little darlings, Elinor is the tallest on the back row.
Cannon is second in from the left on the second row.
Faith is third in from the left on the bottom row.  They are all in the alto section.
This was a really wonderful moment last Sunday.  My dad is the choir director for his senior missionary branch.  They attend church in the beautiful chapel in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building right by Temple Square.  Grandpa asked Bethany to accompany his choir singing "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy" and it was absolutely beautiful.  Abe and I were able to go to the Sacrament meeting to listen.  It must have been the largest, quietest branch in the whole church!
We finished our final kid's book club for the year with My Side of the Mountain.  I have now enjoyed doing that book with the older kids and younger kids.  For our snack we had nuts and berries and Abe helped in an activity of speed sorting of some nuts.
This group has been together for two years now and we're planning to meet next year as well.  It's fun to watch the kids as they mature and develop in their discussions.
We had the kids build forts for an activity-- not quite the same as hollowing out a tree to live in-- but you work with what resources you've got.  I was impressed with the aesthetic value of the ladies fort.  It was comfortable and welcoming.  It even had a little table.
 The boys had different priorities for their fort.
They built a very sturdy, camouflage, defensive structure.  And any left over materials were used for weapons, rather than home furnishings.
I love the differences between girls and boys.  I love their different qualities and how they compliment each other.
Peter really, really likes trains.  Imagine his joy when his siblings showed him how to be a human train!  Choo-choo!
Cannon would turn it into a human conga line!
Peter had his first in-home speech therapy appointment last week.  He loved it because someone came over to just play games with him for 45 minutes.  He had been quite cranky all morning, but that play time made him so happy.  As much as I think he is constantly attended to and played with, I suspect he may benefit from a little more one on one playtime.  He'll have his appointments every couple of weeks.
Love, love love this picture.  Abe took the kids to the Salt Lake Temple to do baptisms.  It is rather shocking to me how tall they all look.  Or rather, how not-tall Abe looks compared to them.
I am overjoyed to be having another girl, but look how much fun this is!
It's pretty awesome being the mother of a brood of little boys.
For years now, George has this funny eyebrow look he can do.  Nobody else can quite copy it, and I've always found it charming.
Peter tried to copy it...
...but to no avail.
George recently showed up for dinner sporting a very stylish 1980's look.  Much of the time he can be found wearing one glove on one hand.  He calls it his Michael Jackson glove.
The first watermelon of the season.  Glorious!  Peter was a very big fan.
That is just how I feel about watermelon.

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