Sunday, April 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Extravaganza

After our weekly Bacon Wednesday breakfast last week, we went on a family outing to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  I adore tulips and every year I want to go to this.  And every year (at least the last five) I forget.  Or I just don't find time in the schedule. 
Maybe it's because my dream is to meander through the gardens while holding hands with Abe on a romantic date.  Darn those elusive romantic dates.
Walmart and Costco are necessary, practical, and better than nothing, but not terribly romantic.
Knowing that the alone time on a romantic date would most likely prove elusive once again, we took the whole family along with us.  A few of them were hesitant to come along, but it is hard to not be impressed by the beautiful flowers and landscaping of the gardens.
Team Little Kids is about to become Team Middle Kids.  I think Peter and new baby will be the new little kids.
A moment together.
Peter was quite content to be strolled around and this moment of freedom from the stroller was short-lived, as he was a runner.
A couple days later I took the little boys back to Thanksgiving Point to the Farm Country area.  Peter loves animals so much, I thought he needed to ride a pony.  He loved it!  The weather had really warmed up and I figured it was just going to get hotter and I was going to get more uncomfortable and feel like doing less and less, so now was the time.  I didn't take into account the effect of the great outdoors on a hot windy day on my allergies.
HOLY HANNAH!  I've been dying the last couple of days.  
Cannon was... shall we say... less than impressed with the whole experience.
And I quote, "Is it just me, or is Peter the only one having fun here?"

Cannon, you're only 7.  You can't be too cool for a petting farm yet.
Please humor your mamma for a couple more years at least.
Peter gets disco fever looking at the duck pond.
Being a baby of few words (as in none), he's really big into pointing to what he likes.

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