Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day

After Clark being gone to St. Louis for five days for FIRST Worlds Competition, we are ready to have him HOME! Since the middle of March he has been away for four full weekends for competitions-- Salt Lake, Denver, Boise, and now St. Louis. It has been a very full robotics season, with plenty of highs and lows, but I'm glad it's over. 
Peter found some lipstick and was quite pleased with himself. 
Sunday morning snuggling with the little boys.
Last night we enjoyed a real treat at my parents' home up in Farmington.  They prepared and served their children a divine prime rib dinner.  It was so, so tasty!  But even more than that, it was so kind of them.  They worked so hard and made it so nice for us.  And how cute does my dad look!  I especially love the missionary tag!
Between the two of them, they have nine children.  Three of the couples weren't there and we missed them, but we really had a very lovely relaxing time.  

The one downside to the evening, was that Abe and I met up after his day of work and we left his car in a huge parking lot so we could ride up together.  We didn't notice any signs telling us not to park there.  Sadly, when we returned, Abe's car was nowhere to be found.  Speedy Towing had towed it away.  I won't dwell on the complete racket they run and how many cars they tow away, quite disingenuously  by not posting clear signs about not parking there, I might add.  It will be very expensive to retrieve his car tomorrow.  Not happy.  Not happy at all. 
Putting aside the fact that more than half of the group has demon eyes in this picture, we did have a very nice "book club" with friends a couple of weeks back.  I say "book club", but we're all very busy stages of life right now, and more often than not, we dispense with the book and just gather for dinner and socializing.  
Plus, the girls and I have been reading like crazy finishing up Emma for our mother/daughter Jane Austen book club.  Our attendance has dwindled over the year, but we are determined to finish them all!  We did get it done and Friday night we had a couple families over for chocolate cake and watching a movie version of it.  It was really quite lovely.  Now we just have Northanger Abby and Persuasion left.  
We're not sure what to make of this.
Bethany hurt/twisted/sprained her ankle while playing games at the park yesterday.  After the initial pain, it did swell and was tender.  But with a bit of caution, she could still walk.  Not only did it not hurt to move it, but her ankle/tendon/foot (whatever) was very easily sliding in an out of it's natural place.  Almost like her foot and ankle were dislocated or disconnected.  From what I researched online, I believe it is sublaxation of the peroneal tendon (or something like that).  And you know what an medical expert I am, so I'm sure I'm correct.
This evening I took her into the Instacare.  The Dr. put her in a boot and referred her to an orthopedic sports medicine dr. this next week.  Today the Dr. seemed concerned about her extreme joint movement and ankle instability, but surprised at her lack of pain (besides some tenderness).  
Hopefully, it will quickly heal on it's own.  In the meantime, she will be wearing this little beauty.

In other fun news, both Bethany and Elinor were set apart today as their class presidents for both Beehives and Mia Maids.  Neither of them have been a president of their class before, so I am glad they will have this experience together.  

And it must be May 1st because it appears my allergies are GONE!!!! Joy of joys!!! Like clockwork, it is March 1st to May 1st that I suffer.  My condolences to my grass allergy sufferers who are about to begin their torment.  And to the tree allergy sufferers like myself-- Hallelujah!  We are free for the next ten months. 

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