Sunday, June 5, 2016

Backyard Campout and Summer Fun

A picture of heads poking out the pet door of the tent is always funny to me.  This one brings me great joy!  Last week the big kids were all gone for the evening to a play with friends and that left Abe and I and the little kids.  Time for a backyard camp out!
A tent, a fire, a few s'mores, and a little stargazing was the best way to usher in the summer and celebrate the end of the school year.
I will now push "PAUSE" on all three of you right now!  Stay just as you are for at least five more years.
The camp out was complete with a visit from the local wildlife-- Gertie, the black bear.
Our fence blew down a couple of days ago and we just haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.  As it turns out we really like our back fence neighbors and the kids enjoy easily going back and forth between the yards, so I don't think either family is in a rush to get it back up.
Our summer sleeping space just got a lot bigger-- in the form of a tent.
Here is George at his first summer track and field practice.  It's a very short season that will wrap up a couple weeks before I have this baby.  So, assuming I don't completely melt in the heat at the four meets they will have, I think it will be an enjoyable activity for Faith, Cannon, and George.  I LOVE this picture of George.  Even if the whole experience is a bust for him (not that I expect it will be), I think it would have been worth it just for this picture.
Here they are warming up.  Cannon is in the red shirt, George is behind him and then Faith is in the peach shirt behind George.
We've had family in town for Cannon's baptism this weekend, so we've been out playing quite a bit.  This adorable scene was at the play area at Thanksgiving Point Museum of Natural Curiosity.
Fun on the zip line.
More fun.
Even more fun
A Fox family gathering at our local neighborhood park on Wednesday evening.  Stuart, Marjorie, Abe, Daniel, and Philip-- five of the nine Fox siblings.
How are these three so grown up already?  Elinor, Everett, and Gentri
Bethany and Kyli
Faith showing off for the younger cousins.
Cannon and James a couple of days before their big double baptism day.  Cannon really enjoyed hanging out with cousins so much this week.

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