Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fathers and Sons Camp Out 2016

And now for one of my favorite posts of the year... Fathers and Sons Camp Out.  I love that the boys are off having a wonderful time together out in nature where they are happiest.  And I love the time at home with my girls (plus Peter).
Abe takes such great pictures, that I love to see what's on the camera when he comes home.  LOVE this one.
The biggest excitement from this particular outing is that one of Clark's life long dreams came true.  He captured a live rattlesnake out in the wild. 
Yes, you read that correctly.  He caught a totally venomous, life-threatening Great Basin Rattlesnake.  I understand he was scrounging around in the brush and his hand came within about six inches of it.  He realized what it was and went to ask Abe to assist him in the capture. 
Should Abe have said no?  Well, obviously.
But I suppose that's why moms are not invited on the fathers and sons camp out.  Clark has been singing Abe's praises ever since and will always remember that his dad helped him catch a rattlesnake. 
How did he know how to safely catch it?  Years of observation and study.  Steve Irwin, may you rest in peace.
I'm grateful this happened when he was almost 17 instead of 12 years old at his first scout camp.
Cannon was just honored that his shirt was used in the initial capture.  Talk about a little brother admiring his older brother.
Lizard catching was, as usual, a favorite activity.  Clark teaching the younger generation the ways of the Reptile Whisperer.
It was successful training.
This is an ADORABLE group of boys.  Cannon is so fortunate to have such an awesome gang to hang with in the neighborhood.  I envision this picture being used for an Eagle Scout slide show.
He may not appreciate me sharing this picture, but I think it's funny.  Apparently, a lizard crawled up his pant leg and he was trying to remove it.  Ha, ha, ha!
George is pretty tough stuff and had no trouble keeping up with his big brothers.
And he's just so darn cute!
They went up quite early in the day for adventuring and reptile hunting because they weren't able to stay the night with Abe's work schedule on Saturday.
I love to see big guys mentoring the little guys.
Happy Father's Day to one of the best there is.

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