Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Spring Recital Mania

Want to hear some good news?
Peter is getting tubes put in his ears on June 24th!  Some might not think this is good news, but I am convinced that much of his frustrations and complete lack of speech are due to his extremely compromised hearing.  He's been tested several times over the last four months and has never passed in both ears at the same time.  Even the ear that has passed has been boarder line at best.  I am hoping and praying that putting tubes in will drastically help him with his speech development and life frustrations.
Last week was our piano recital with a theme of songs from movies.  The kids had the option to dress up as a character or something from their movie.  It was fun to see how creative many of them were.  They played well and I know it is a relief for all of us to be done!
Elinor played the theme from Pride and Prejudice.  She did great and I loved seeing her dressed up in my regency gown.  Bethany slaved away on her beautiful up-do hair-do.
I absolutely adore hearing her play this piece.

George played "Heigh-Ho" from Snow White.  This was the best we could do that day for a dwarf costume.  Here is the video of George.  I quite enjoy working with George.

Faith played "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled.  Here's her video

A few of a the little ladies.  It's so fun to see these kids growing up and progressing together.  The songs here were "When Will My Life Begin, A Whole New World, Jurassic Park, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Let it Go"
Some of the boys.  The songs here were "Everything is Awesome, Raiders March, and May the Force Be With You".  Here is Cannon's video.  He plays "Oh Susanna" first, then "Raiders March

It was a pretty fun evening, but I think I need to find a way to relax so I can enjoy it more.  My nerves get pretty frayed leading up to the recital.  7 1/2 years--- that's probably 14 recitals--- and I still get so worked up. 
The prospect of teaching Peter piano seems a little daunting to me, but I suppose if he could hear that would help.
Cannon had his dance recital this past week as well.  Here is in his tap costume.  I appreciate that when boys are in the dance numbers, they tend to be more masculine themed.  The girls might now appreciate it, but we sure do.
 He really likes his boys hip hop class.  In this picture he is second in on the left.   Here's the video (He starts on the far left)

Here is his tap number "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

Getting ready for one of his hip hop poses.
This was a two or three weeks ago, but here is Faith's spring gymnastics recital.  It was just one short year ago that Peter projectile vomited into the hair of a couple of preteen girls sitting in front of us.  I am still traumatized.  I'm sure they are too.
Faith is second to last to run in on the video and she has a high bun.

I believe recital season is now over for a while.  It is good to see all the hard work pay off.  And it's also good to take a little breather!

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