Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Speed Demon

Friday night was the kid's first summer track meet.  It was originally scheduled for last Monday evening, but due to weather it was rescheduled.  Cannon and George were gone to Fathers and Sons camp out, so they missed it, but Faith and I had a lovely time.  And she ROCKED it!
She ran the 1600 meter (nine meters short of a mile) and I was so proud of her.   She just kept going!  I knew she was tired and her lungs were burning, but she didn't quit and she did very well.
She was pretty wiped out afterwards, but she recovered enough to get 2nd place in her 100 meter heat.  She also got 2nd place in her age division for shot put.  She was on cloud nine.  
Here's the video.
This is from one of their practices last week.  This is a little detail, but Faith (in purple shorts) is holding a water bottle that she loves.  She treasures this water bottle and paid for half of it so she could get the nice metal one.  It's the little things.
Kind of a funny picture of Cannon in the big green ball at the pool.
George got a turn as well.
I guess it's harder than it looks to walk on water.
Caught in mid-air going off the diving board.
Abe took the little boys and a friend on a bike ride to the closest grocery store last week.  Its a tradition once the kids get good enough on their bikes that they ride and get a treat.  George has arrived!
Stopping to play at a park on the way home.
I'm feeling so thankful to Abe for not only taking the kids on fun summer outings, but remembering to take pictures as well.  

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