Friday, July 8, 2016

Actual 4th of July

George and his betrothed, Kate.  They've been intended for quite sometime.  It was on the rocks a couple of years back when George found out that Kate wasn't potty trained and still wore diapers.  Thankfully, that obstacle has been dealt with and they are on good terms again.
We enjoyed a backyard cookout at the Schramm's home on the evening of the 4th.  We basically invited ourselves over, which I know is not in very good taste.  But they have an awesome backyard that I wanted to enjoy. 
That is really no excuse.  It was still rude of us.
We brought over a few poppers and sparklers for a fireworks after dinner.  Silly Foxes... fire power is for Schramms.
It started small, but then it grew.  We enjoyed all the fireworks, but we weren't expecting the aerials at the end.  It was so surprising and it gave many of us a case of nervous laughter.  Hysterical nervous laughter. 
Peter was sticking very close to Abe and I.  Cheek to cheek close.  He wasn't upset, just wanted to keep us close.  Truthfully, I think we sort of enjoyed it.  It was a nice change from his wandering ways.

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Schramm Family said...

We LOVED it!! So glad you came. You and your amazing family are welcome anytime! Im a horrible hostess and sort of forget to invite people. So glad you came!