Sunday, July 31, 2016

George's 6th Birthday

George turned six and his big present was a metal detector!  I admit, I pride myself on finding the perfect gifts for George.  It's too much fun to think about what he would like because he has an unusually passionate relationship with his stuff.  For a kid for whom everything is a treasure to be found and kept, a metal detector seemed spot on.  I got $10 in change from the bank, threw it on the front lawn and let him have at it with his metal detector.  Brilliant!
It worked!
That evening George got to go to a birthday party for a friend in the neighborhood with whom he shares the same birthday.  You wouldn't know from looking at the picture, but George is a full year younger than his smaller friend.
Also that night, Abe, Naomi, Greta and I went to Bethany's summer music festival culmination concert up at an outdoor amphitheater in Layton.  They performed with a string trio called Simply Three.  Everything about it was magnificent and enjoyable and impressive and a most enjoyable way to spend a summer evening.  
Bethany had a such a great time all week and we were very happy to have her back.  The music was a Romeo and Juliet theme, ending with West Side Story medley for a final number.  Oh, it was so good.  I could not have enjoyed myself more and was so happy to see her full of enthusiasm for the music.
And it's just a treat to have Naomi with us.  She was feeding Peter grapes just before we left our house to go up to the concert.  She has such a way with him and every child of every age I've ever seen her work with.  Children (and teenagers) adore her!
Sweet little Greta slept or ate for the whole concert.  
My apologies (not really) for oversharing pictures of Greta.  I can't help myself.  I have not intention of stopping.

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