Sunday, July 31, 2016

Peter and Greta and A Few Others

We've been tormented all week with pictures of the Fox family up in Spokane living it up at the Fox Family Reunion this week.  This is the first one we've missed and although I am LOVING being home with Greta and the slower paced summer, it does look like everyone is having a marvelous time together up in Spokane.  On Wednesday, Abe and Clark Skyped in to the other brothers for a day of D&D. 
Hey, it's tradition... super geeky tradition... but tradition nonetheless.
It looks like Peter got quite a kick out of being on the screen as well.
While they geeked out downstairs I had an absolutely fabulous morning upstairs visiting with the friends in town for Andrea's wedding.  A little brunch and visiting was just my speed.  Zach and Bella (in the middle) came with their mom and got in a little game of Heroscape.
Cannon has been spending hours working building and programming our EV3 robot.  Clark and a couple of friends decided they want to coach a FIRST Lego League team this year, so the robots are all the rage at our house right now.  I'll be the coach in name, since they have to have an adult in charge, but I'll really be more of a team manager.  The boys will run the show and work with the kids.  Cannon isn't quite old enough to officially be on the team, but Elinor and Faith will be.
Oh my.  She is still quite nearly perfect.  Not sleeping quite as well as the first couple of weeks, but such a delight to us.
This was the morning after the second really bad night of sleep.
All was forgiven.
It is an all day event when the Foxes to the dentist.  And I don't want to brag or anything... but everyone was cavity free!!  I'd like to take some credit, but I'm convinced it doesn't matter too much what kind of dental hygiene you exercise.  It's all in the genes.
Pirate Pete learning to smile.
At least he thinks he is smiling!!  Too, too cute.  I almost hate to admit when Peter is having a better time with life, only because he usually takes a turn for the worse and gets really grouchy right after I say he's doing better.  That being said, he seems to be happier with life lately.  His communication skills are improving and is even saying a few new words-- namely yo-yo, poo-poo, and da-da.  Granted, these are repeated syllables, but we're counting them as two syllable words!
As a lot of my time and energy are devoted to feeding and caring for Greta lately, it has done my heart good to see an increased interest from the other kids in Peter's well being.
I think this picture is funny because Peter looks as if he intends harm, but he was adamant that he hold Greta and so willing to "smile" for a picture with her.  He quite likes her. 
Summer really is a great time to have a baby.  It might make for a less exciting summer for the kids as we are not off adventuring, but I am really enjoying having time to adjust back to life and take it slow.  School will be here before we know it and I'm sure that somehow we'll pull ourselves together and do what must be done.  In the meantime, I can't spend to much time just sitting with her and loving her.

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