Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Festivities

It is shocking just how entertaining a small kiddie pool can be to children of all ages.
Or perhaps anything is fun comparing to hanging out inside with a grouchy pregnant mama.
Either way, well worth the $7.00 at Walmart.
A little neighborhood pyramid on a pleasant summer evening.  I like how Clark isn't even in the pyramid, but looks the most disturbed.
I do not remember the reason for this outing with Team Little Kids.  I know I wasn't a part of it and that Abe was a part of it.  I know this for two reasons--1.  I have no memory of it and I don't even know what store they were at.  2.  Only Abe spoils the children by buying them treats at every opportunity.  
And I wonder why they are so happy when Daddy comes home.
I make them do hard things, like summer track program.  
Actually, I didn't make them do it-- they wanted to.  I wanted them to have the experience also, but had I really considered the heat factor, I might not have agreed to do it.  Oh, their track meets have been so HOT!  I feel bad for them running in the heat, but I'll be honest, I feel worse for my pregnant self sitting out in the heat for hours.  Fortunately, it was a short season and it's already done.  
They are such a pleasant threesome to hang out with.
I'd like to have the do it again next summer when I'm not pregnant!
Faith likes this picture of her leading the 1600 m (1 mile) race after the first lap.  She didn't maintain the lead, but it was fun while it lasted.
On the actual 4th of July we didn't have plans during the day.  Abe was working, so we attempted an outing.  The kids wanted to go to the zoo, but since a stop at Walmart to get snacks pretty well exhausted me, I suggested the aquarium instead---- seeing as how it had air conditioning and lots of places to sit along the way.  Didn't want to give birth in the reptile house at the zoo. 
While the little kids were playing in the play area at the aquarium, I gave the teens my phone for a selfie photo shoot.
So proud.  So proud.
Actually, I'm serious.  I was so proud they that could wait "patiently" for the little kids without fighting.
Then I took their picture and told them to show me how much fun they were having.
But who were they trying to kid?  They loved it.

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Amy F. said...

Haha! Those last few teenager pictures are hilarious!