Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wedding Day

We had a very enjoyable day yesterday celebrating our good friend Andrea's wedding to James.  Here is our book group picture on the steps of the Salt Lake Temple.
Andrea with just a few of her close girlfriends.
It was Greta's first big day out.  She even wore a little dress for the occasion!
We spent the day there with our oldest and youngest children.  Although our oldest can't really be considered a child anymore.
The wedding dinner was so enjoyable.  Alan and Christine flew in from San Diego and it was so nice to be altogether again.
Alan has always had a way with little ones.  I love this picture!
The day was so hot-- 104 degrees-- but the evening outdoor reception was lovely.
In between the wedding pictures and the dinner, we paid a little visit to my parents at their mission office in the Church Office Building.  We'd never actually seen where they do their mission work and it was great to be there with them.
Grandma seemed pretty happy to be answering a phone call while holding baby Greta.  She was so cute carrying Greta around showing her off.
I didn't go into the temple for the sealing because I was with Greta, but I was happy Abe got to be there.
Steve, Dave, Abe and Alan.
The happy couple coming out of the temple.
I really enjoyed spending the day with such good friends.  It was good for my soul.
 One more of my menfolk, just because it makes me happy.
I'm so happy for Andrea.  She deserves the best and she seems to have found a wonderful companion in James.

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Jennilyn Young said...

Loved this day! Love this amazing group of friends. Thanks for sharing all the pictures and memories of the day, Betsy.