Monday, July 25, 2016

Youth Conference and Such

Bethany left this morning for her Lyceum Music Festival orchestra camp.  It is up at the Zermatt Resort in Heber Valley.  Abe drove her up early this morning and I am so happy for her to have this opportunity.  She has a packed next few weeks with Youth Conference (last week), orchestra this week, girls camp next week, and finally EFY the second week of August.  Truthfully, she has had a little bit of a boring summer up until now.  All of her activities were packed together in the latter half of the summer.
She really lucked out in getting an invitation from a fellow orchestra member friend to sleep at her house and get transportation to and from the camp for the week.  This friend lives up Provo Canyon and with the new baby, this invitation really made attending the camp possible. One other gal is doing the same thing as well.
A picture of Faith before church on Sunday.  I love this dress!  It is one of several that my angel neighbor got for her on my miracle birthday.
My mom did love yellow.
  Greta looks pretty cute in yellow too!
It's always expected that the girls will adore a new baby, but the little boys sure love her too and are always anxious to hold her.
Look who has arrived for her annual summer visit!!!  As my children say, "Our English Aunt has arrived!"
She is quite adored in our home.
Everyone just wanted to sit around and talk with her.  Clark was in the room as well, but not in the picture.
Abe and Clark and Bethany had a great time at youth conference.  Abe wasn't able to stay for all of it, but Clark and Beth did.
They were divided up into platoons and the highlight was Friday when they did obstacle courses and repelling. Clark was happy to get to be a platoon leader.
 This just looks painful to me.
Here's Bethany's platoon.
As always, I am so, so thankful for wonderful leaders who sacrifice time with their families and vacation time during the summer to provide these opportunities for my children. 
I have worked with the children and the women in our ward, but not with the youth.  From what I can see, we have really, really great young men and young women.

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