Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Week With the Little People

Monday morning my lovely girls were off to girls camp.  They were excited and I was happy for them to go off and have an adventure.  There was nothing to worry about at home because I still have Faith and Cannon around to help with the little ones.
Am I afraid of the Peter/Greta combo?  Why, yes, I kind of am.  It's been a little while since I've cared for the toddler/infant combination.  I realize I have successfully done it several times before, but it is still somewhat daunting.  And I suppose we homeschooling moms get accustomed to always having big helpers around.
I had forgotten that Faith and Cannon had big plans of their own this week.  Tuesday morning they headed off to Civil War History Camp down at Camp Floyd.  Elinor did this same camp a few years back and LOVED every minute of it.  They go from 9-4 three days in a row.
They get all sorts of fun stuff at this camp-- a yo-yo, Chinese checkers, a canteen, hat, shirt, and rifle.
They get Civil War era money to spend in the store.  I'm looking forward to going down tomorrow to see their final mock battle.
This is Cannon's furlough papers so he was allowed to come home last night.
They are having a fabulous time, but now I was down FOUR of my best helpers.

What about Clark, you may ask?
Well, he is sort of here.
This week are dress rehearsals for his play, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, which opens tomorrow (Thursday night).  That's in the evenings, but during the day he is off building sets for the play.
So, of eight children, the five oldest are gone. That leaves me with George, Peter, and Greta... and it's been...

... lovely.
And quiet.
And calm.
We've played trains and Legos and read stories.  It's been so nice to spend time just with them.
 We busted out old character building CDs and story book we haven't listened to for years.  I listened to Brite Music as a child and I really, really enjoyed it.  As I've listened to it again the last couple days I realize that it was a very influential part of my childhood.
On Monday the kids were playing doggy with Peter.  He is wearing the doggy costume that every single child in our family has worn around this age.  I hope my grand kids will play in it as well.  It has help up perfectly!
At the Cub Scout Pack meeting last night at the park, I had to explain why Peter was playing fetch and picking up sticks with his mouth.  His doggy name is "Duff".
Cannon carrying the flag at the pack meeting.
Cannon was awarded his rank of Bobcat.  I a really looking forward to working with Cannon as Wahis den leader.  
Water rockets is big time fun!

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