Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kid's Olympics 2016

Well, I for one, quite enjoyed the Olympics.  I'm sad they are done.  Faith and her friend Emma recently sent out invitations and planned some Kid Olympics for friends in the neighborhood.
Once Bethany and Elinor caught wind of their plans, they kind of took over and expanded the plans.  It was on Abe's day off, so he helped make it into quite the production as well.
The Norwegians.
The Brits.
The Swiss.
Jamaican Me Crazy!
The younger kids made up the delegation from south Korea.

The Parade of Nations!
The athletes' village.
Track and field.
High jump.  We actually did have an injury on this event.  There was blood, but all is well.
Plenty of popscicle refreshment.
The medals podium for the 100 yard dash (or however many meters our backyard is).
The long jump champions.
The balance beam.

This was a fun exhibition floor routine performed by Abe!
I liked the boys practicing on the balance beam.
It was a good way to end the summer with friends.

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