Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Learned by Example

A baby is such a blessing during a sad time.  And we're having a sad time this week.  Abe's wonderful father, Jim Fox passed away quite unexpectedly yesterday morning while playing golf.  He was 73 years old and in seemingly great health.  I have thoughts and memories I want to share, but I'm not quite ready to yet.
 We are going to Spokane for the funeral this weekend.  It is a sad occasion, but I can't help looking forward to being with the extended Fox family for a few days and celebrating a life very well lived. 
This little picture says a lot about what kind of Dad Abe is, and at this time it reminds me where he learned to be such a great father.  Peter was having a rough evening and Abe came home after a very long day of work.  Quite reasonably, he should have wanted to just sit down and relax, but he offered to put Peter to bed.  I told him that Peter hadn't eaten much and he really needed some food before bed.  
Easier said than done.  Poor Peter has food/eating issues and to get him to eat can be quite a loud, frustrating, time-consuming event.  
So a very tired, but kind, patient Daddy sat down next to Peter and encouraged him to eat by reading the "funnies" to him.  Obviously, Peter didn't really understand what the comics were about, but as Abe would laugh, Peter would laugh.  Abe told him to eat another bite of food and then he'd read another one.  A little bit of kindness goes a long way.  Dad Fox was always kind and always concerned about the individual.  I'm so grateful to enjoy the fruits of Dad Fox's good example in my wonderful husband.
It was absolutely delightful to listen to.  
Peter gave us a good laugh this evening.  I had stopped by a second-hand kid's clothing store to get some shoes for the boys.  Faith and George helped me pick out these gently used Vans shoes for Peter.  I tried them on him... they fit...bought them... done.  When we got home we put them on him and he got very upset.  He demanded they be taken off and put back in the bag.  Bethany had the idea to warm him to his shoes by putting his new shoes on Kermit.  This quite entertained him and he  danced Kermit all around wearing his shoes. 
We'll see if it worked and he accepts his new shoes tomorrow.

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Jenny said...

Betsy! I stumbled upon your blog via Mindy's! What a beautiful family you have. I can't help but remember Washington Seminar SO many years ago -- you were pregnant with your first then! How quickly times goes. :) Your family is absolutely beautiful, and I love that you are still so witty.

Jenny (Stathis) Mathis :-)

p.s. Are you on Instagram? If so, find me! My handle is jennysmathis :)