Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Walk in October

Last night our youth did a talent show for for their weeknight activity.  Families were invited to watch and all the talents were delightful.  I got quite a kick out of this moment when the Bishop and his wife started the cell phone flash lights while Clark and Bethany played "Bohemian Rhapsody". 
Shout out to my helpful Elinor standing up in the back with baby Greta.
Elinor and her duet partner Corrine played a lovely duet together that they'll be judged on at an upcoming Concerto and Duet Festival.

Our three youth also decided to perform the Cannon Family favorite car ride song-- "The Rice Krispie" song.
Allow me to share a struggle I've been having lately.  For several years I've walked several mornings a week with my good friend, Michelle.  She had a recent health scare-- and although it looks like she'll be fine, she's been out of walking commission for the last few weeks.  I am missing her terribly-- for lots of reasons.  One of which being, without a firm commitment to meet at a certain time in the morning, I cannot drag my lazy self out of bed before about 8:30.
Yes, yes, I know I am a nursing mom of a young baby, but seriously, I need exercise.  
My reasons for needing to exercise are not just to try to shrink this voluptuous figure, although that clearly should be a motivating factor. 
They are not even mostly for physical health, although that's an added benefit. 
DUDE!  It is for mental health reasons that I must move this body.  It's for clarity of mind.  It's for calm and patience.  It's so that I like my life.  When I walk alone I "pray walk".  That is just what it sounds like-- I pray while I walk.  It's an extremely effective way for me to communicate with my Heavenly Father.  I even close my eyes-- not for extended amounts of time, but you get the idea.  When I am in my house, there is no closet door thick enough to give me the same solitude and ability to focus as pray walking.  Pray driving can be good too, but you must not close your eyes while pray driving.  And it's not as effective as pray walking, as it lacks the deep breathing and fresh air.

I don't even have to do very much exercise.  Just a good brisk morning walk for 30 minutes will do the trick.  After a couple of weeks of meaning to get out in the morning, yesterday I had a plan.  I would put on my exercise clothes after my shower (it was just going to be a walk in cool weather, so sweat wouldn't be an issue).  I vowed I would not allow myself to put on my regular clothes until I had taken my neighborhood walkabout. 
FAIL.  I'm not one to wear my workout clothes to church functions, so I broke down and got dressed for the talent show.  No walk.

This morning, I finally did it.  I packed up the who kit and kaboodle-- Greta, Peter, coats, hats, gloves, blankets, double stroller.  The preparation alone was exhausting, but I DID IT!  And it was marvelous.  And I breathed deeply.  And I prayed blessings for the ones I love.  And I asked for guidance to be a better wife and mother.  And I expressed gratitude for a beautiful October world.  And I'm a whole lot happier with life today. 

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