Sunday, October 30, 2016

Is It Too Early for a Halloween Hangover?

Can you have a Halloween hangover before it's even Halloween?
I'm just about partied and costumed out!
These were by far the scariest Halloween costumes I've seen this year--- Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton came to the teens Halloween party on Thursday night. 
Shout out to Hillary's hair stylist!  I give no such compliments to Trump's hair person.
This was a fabulous moment when Clark's "Clark Kent" twin showed up at his own party.  It was totally unplanned.  Girls might have been horrified, but these guys were eating it up!
 One of my favorite costumes of the night.  Honestly, it took me a few seconds to figure out who this was.
Elinor with a favorite cousin, Gentri, the newsie.
A little Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors.  This was pretty fun to watch.  They all simultaneously play with a partner and the loser has to follow the winner around to their next match chanting their name.  Then they both chant the name of the winner of that match, until eventually, there are two left and everyone else is chanting one of the two names.  Really loud, really fun.
Really fun and really loud is a very good description of the whole evening.  In this picture we see the actual moment that a kitchen chair got broken in a raucous game of musical chairs.
 "Hu-Wah" is one of our favorite party games.  With a big group it is best out of doors.  Fortunately, the weather was so mild that we could do some activities outside.
What nice, nice kids these were.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching them interact and have fun.  Many of them didn't know each other, but they were willing to jump right in and have a great time. 
Ben showed up with his creepy clown marionette again and Clark nearly threw him out!  "You're creepy clown isn't welcome here!"
I like how the little kids are hanging around in all the pictures.  The big kids are pretty good sports with their many little sidekicks. 
They played a great game in which they divided into several groups and worked out one minute skits of well-known movie stories.  Then they had to perform it in shorter and shorter time amounts, until eventually they had to do it in 5 seconds.  Very clever they were. 

Faith got to invite one friend over for the party. 
 We had two Halloween parties on Friday night-- the first was a party at Cannon's dance studio for families.  Peter really got a kick out of the cakewalk game.  At first there were several kids playing and and Faith walked around with him.  Afterwards, he just really liked walking around the circle to the music.  I should remember this idea at home to burn off extra energy in the winter. 
Poor Bethany must have partied too hard the night before because she woke up sick, sick, throw up sick on Friday morning.
No, actually, Faith had been sick a couple days earlier and it spread. 
Bethany was very sad to miss our Friday night parties.
The second party was at my cousin Toni's beautiful new home in Draper.  She is a party thrower!   Holy smokes!  The house was so decorated and she had so many fun games and prizes and treats for the kids, plus tons of delicious food and desserts.  Oh, my!  It was Halloween Heaven!  And for George, the great collector of all things valuable and not so valuable... well, you can imagine. 
Come to think of it, trick-or-treating is as good as it gets for him.  He doesn't usually treasure things long-term, rather, it is the act of collecting that he loves. 
Psychology people, help me out--- there has to be a diagnosis for that?
What a cute little mummy George made!
 I liked this picture of the little foxes playing an old fashioned arcade.
Halloween is kind of like summer, in that we are expected to have fun.  Fortunately, it's only a few days of unrestrained fun.  Summer is too long-- it's stressful to have that much fun.  Halloween is great because you throw caution to the wind for just a bit and then... BAM!  Back to your school work.  Just one more day of fun (actual Halloween tomorrow) and then I can crack the whip again.

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