Sunday, October 2, 2016

Spokane Family Time

Why not start out with a picture of Greta?  She's awesome.
This is not a current drawing-- rather it was found in a box we were recently going through.  This drawing was done by Abe during a Sacrament meeting when I was pregnant with Peter-- so probably early 2014.   For years Abe has drawn family pictures during church when little kids get squirmy.  I wish I'd kept them all.  He always draws our little angel Tessa.  Family is where it's at!
And speaking of family, this amazing picture was taken on the grounds of the Spokane Temple immediately following the luncheon that followed the funeral.  I love it and can hardly believe we get to associate with these beautiful people forever.
Later that same evening, we went with a few of Abe's siblings to the exact spot on the golf course where his dad passed away.  I found this to be extremely comforting and sweet and peaceful.  It was beautiful and it made me happy to know he was doing something he enjoyed so much when he quickly passed away.
These teenage beauties love to be together.
The final gathering was a siblings and spouses night out to dinner.  Mostly the siblings just told great stories all evening about their dad.  Somewhat irreverent, but very entertaining.
Our kids had such fun with cousins and Jesse and Amy are too kind as hosts.  We are a big family and I know it's not easy to host for several days.  I'm sure their house felt very spacious and quiet after we left.
Here are a few more shots of family at the viewing.  Remind me to talk to my children about a viewing not being the time for funny pictures.  From left to right we have Cannon, John, Samuel, William, James, and Calvin.
Katie, Emmalyn, Priscilla, and McKenna.
Annie, Abby, Elinor, and Gentri
After church on Sunday, but before the viewing we had a family lunch at a local park.
Uncle William and Aunt Marilyn are on Abe's mom's side, but they came up from Vernal for the funeral.  They are wonderful and Uncle William was quite a natural "Grandpa" for Greta.
Roughly 8 years ago there were 8 Fox grand babies born in about 13 months.  This past weekend we recreated this fantastic picture. 
 All those cute babies growing up fast!  Hopefully, we moms aren't too much worse for the wear!
The siblings with their beloved mom. The weekend was sad and happy at the same time.  It was very emotionally draining and yet satisfying.  We came home exhausted, but ready to try harder and live better.  It is surreal that he is no longer living here on earth, but we still feel him close. 

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Amy F. said...

You are the best blogger EVER! You always document everything so quickly and get pictures that actually capture the events. Good job mama! Love that we got to have you at our home. Love you.