Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Foxiest Halloween Ever

HA-HA!  It worked!  This was my vision for our Halloween costumes this year and it worked!

Now, I'll give you one guess to figure out which of my little foxlings was not thrilled with my costume idea.  Look closely at the faces. 
Yes, it was "Angry Fox", the eldest of the Fox offspring.  Maybe he just looks like "Too Cool Fox".
There was no coercion involved... just a friendly reminder of who financially backed a really fun party with friends three days previous.
I pleaded that he could wear his Clark Kent costume that he'd put together to every single Halloween event, but please, just put on the "stupid orange sweatshirt" for the one family picture. 
What???  Did I overstep my boundaries?  Did I just blow all my emotional capital for one ridiculous family picture?

It makes my heart so happy.  THIS!  This is my family as it looked when everyone was at home (except Tessa, but I like to think she is always with us).  Before anyone grew up and moved away.  For many years to come I will look at this picture and have such happy memories of family life in the thick of it.  THIS is what it was like. 
And maybe.. just maybe... someday this picture will bring a smile to "Too Cool Fox's" face as well.
It is pretty over-the-top, huh? 
Just the way we Foxes like it.
Just the kiddos.
At first Peter rejected his fox costume.  Not that surprising, seeing as how he and "Cool Fox" are cut from the same bolt.   But once he got used to it he loved it and got mad when he had to take it off.  Cool Fox hasn't quite gotten to that point yet.
I wonder if the kids will have trouble trick-or-treating?  If they aren't together, people may think it's the same kid just coming back for more. 
Not quite sure what look we were going for, but we obviously don't pull off "Sexy Fox" very well.
Now I shall share how these fantastic fox costumes came to be. 
First off, I spent way too much time finding cheap orange sweatshirts online.  I got nine for roughly $100.  Now, I'm just "frugal" enough to think that is a lot of money to spend on Halloween.  Except, when I consider that that is costumes for nine people, I think I'm pretty awesome.  Costumes in bulk... brilliant!
Next, I bought white faux fur for the tummies and orange, black and white felt for ears.

So far so good.
Oh, wait!  I have zippo, nada, zilch talent for piecing things together and sewing.  Not to mention my cheap-o sewing machine.
I call Andrea and beg her talents and expertise. 
And she is magnificent!  She puts together the most gorgeous quilts.  About four hours later we drove home with nine finished fox costumes.  As I've said before, I have very few actual skills or talents myself, except for finding and making friends with amazing people who do.
I hope that doesn't make me a user and abuser?  I really, really like them.  Does that make it okay? 
Anyway, I was so grateful and my girls and I had a wonderful girls night hanging out with Andrea and Raven.
For the record, I have intentions of becoming a much more skilled seamstress someday. 
... and you know what they say about good intentions.
You know... paving the way to... you know where.
Oh, well.
That is one FOXY family!

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