Thursday, November 17, 2016


THIS today.
Hmm.  It's been a long day.
SHE WILL NOT NAP!  That's not exactly true.  She takes about 6 ten minutes catnaps a day.  And on days when Peter refuses to nap at all, it can get ugly.
I can't think clearly after several days in a row of this.  That's why all of these sentences are so short. I can not think in complex sentences this evening.
Also, she drools like a faucet from morning till night.  Other than copious amounts of drool and terrible napping, she is just lovely.
Abe and I enjoyed going to observe a few minutes of Cannon's dance classes this week.  It is so, so wonderful to watch him doing something he so thoroughly enjoys and is good at.
He likes having another boy in the tap class with him.  He's also in a hip-hop class that is all boys.
They are doing an Arabian dance from the Nutcracker.
I look forward to seeing him in his recital.
Peter likes to play with the math blocks.
You know what else he likes?  Screaming.  Running away from me when it's time for diaper changes. Rejecting food he is served.  Demanding anything George is playing with.
Aren't I a bundle of positive energy this evening?
Abe like this picture of him holding a cute little pink tree frog.
In sad news, generally speaking, Greta does not really like her father.  It's most inconvenient for us all.
Look how wonderful!  A friend whose children I used to teach piano to gave me fox salt and pepper shakers.  It more than made my day!
The little ones were happy on two counts this morning-- 1) the first snow if the season and 2) I slept in long enough for them to find snow clothes and escape out of doors before I could get them going on the day's activities.
Three little cousins at cousin Andrew's mission farewell.  I like their pretty blue eyes.
Bethany's orchestra played a most beautiful Veteran's Day concert last weekend.  It was a Civil War musical tribute entitled "One Nation".  Perhaps it was election day aftermath, but I was quite honestly in tears for half of the concert.  It was so touching and so well done.  They had a professional DVD recording made and I am very much looking forward to watching/hearing it again and again.
Elinor is a good big sister for a tired little Georgie.

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