Sunday, December 18, 2016

Add One More... Make it an Even Dozen

We tended my brother's three kiddos from last Sunday until late Wednesday evening.  If your're counting, that is 11 children under my care for 3 1/2 days and 3 nights.  I was a little concerned that it would be complete mayhem, but they were really, really good kids and my own kids quite enjoyed three days straight of playing, playing, playing.
The reason for their extended stay was not particularly good.
My brother just younger than me (Matt and his wife Misty) live near Vancouver, Washington, but last week they traveled to Rochester, Minnesota for Misty to have brain surgery to remove a tumor that was discovered very shortly after she gave birth to their third girl at the end of September.
My youngest brother, Peter and his wife Laura, live here in Utah.  Peter flew out to Minnesota to be a support person for Matt.  Laura travels with her job as an accountant and so we happily volunteered to help out so Peter could be there for Matt.
I took a long time to explain that.  Sorry.
Surgery went as well as was to be expected and they are still out their doing therapy to help Misty regain strength and left side mobility.  We are beyond thankful the tumor was discovered when it was and they have had access to the best medical teams in the country.  Even still, it will be a long road of recovery for them.
We did a little bit of school work.  It is no bueno to do school work the week before Christmas break when you have cousins over.  But I'm just that ruthless.
Actually, sometimes it was nice to call for a reading break when the fun got to be not quite as fun.
The boys played with the Magformers a lot.  Why does George find it so challenging to look at the camera.  Peter is not in pain... he is smiling!
Peter and Chloe did very well together.  She was such a good little eater... hopefully a good influence on Peter.  It would appear so from this picture.
We actually managed one outing with everyone-- a drive to go see a super lit up tree in Draper and a drive to see a fun street where all the houses were decked out.
I love this picture.  I so wish it was taking place in a large, clean, organized space.  But it is no matter. We had cousins having a marvelous time choreographing a dance to "Jingle Bell Rock" to perform for Uncle Chip when he came home.  Cannon played it on the piano.   And here it is.
But before that, please note that the house did not look like this all or even most of the time during their stay.  This was a particularly bad "explosion of stuff" moment.
Okay, now here it is. 
I really was so very happy to be able to help Matt and Misty, however indirectly my help was was.  

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