Sunday, December 25, 2016

Cocoa and Donuts 2016

We just barely squeezed it in, but Cocoa and Donuts 2016 was a smashing success-- thanks in no small part to Abe who really made it happen.
I got to feeling overwhelmed by so much Christmas goodness to take care of, so I was very thankful he covered this.
We had a bit of rain, but no snow and not too much wind.  Not the best weather, but definitely not the worst we've ever had.
Abe has really upped his setup over the years-- it's all his experience setting up tents at Winder Farms events.  He makes it really nice with tents, Christmas lights, music and several fire pits.
Team Middle Kids probably shouldn't have been outside in the cold because we've had a bad cold virus making the rounds in our family, but it's hard to put Christmas traditions on hold for sickness that doesn't involve throwing up.
I could not have chosen a better neighborhood to be a part of.  I have considered it one of the great blessings of our family for many years.
It makes me happy to think that maybe we can help to make good memories for other families in the neighborhood as well.

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