Monday, December 12, 2016

Dancing, MOTAB, and Mitt

Cannon has really enjoyed his ballet class this year and it brings me such joy to watch him.  He does tap, hip-hop, and ballet, but I was really impressed with his ballet.  Picture credit goes to his Aunt Marjorie.  The light is a little too bright in the video, lo siento.

His tap class is another favorite.  It's fun to see him making up tap dances to upbeat Christmas carols at home.  The video is a little blurry right at first, but then it clears.  Cannon is on the left side to start.  .
He's the tallest one in his hip-hop class.  Let's be honest, he really should be dancing to "White and Nerdy".  But seeing as how his hip-hop teacher is a far cry from white or nerdy, it probably won't happen.
Here is his hip-hop number

Aunt Marjorie (Abe's younger sister) was so sweet to come watch his recital.  As it turned out, someone in our neighborhood had two front row section tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert that night they weren't going to be able to use.  These concerts are so unbelievably fantastic that we rearrange any schedules we can to be able to go, IF we're lucky enough to score tickets.  Abe arranged to get the tickets and since I can't be away from Greta for that long, Marjorie got to go be his date.
They had a marvelous time and I bet Marjorie didn't get after Abe for any questionable downtown parking tactics.
As if all that Christmas goodness wasn't enough... they spotted MITT ROMNEY!  For Abe, this is basically the equivalent of spotting Donny Osmond.  Without hesitation Abe went right up to him and shook his hand.
I wonder if Abe mentioned the Mitt Romney bobble head of yesteryear?
But I'm glad he did it.  The question is, why is no one around him gawking and taking pictures?

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