Friday, December 23, 2016

Fox Family Christmas Party 2016

Monday evening was a really, really fun Utah Fox Family Christmas party.  We had the families of 5 of the 9 siblings there.  Stuart and Tiffany now live in Orem and they hosted a lovely, loud (as all Fox gatherings are) festive bash.
I quite enjoy my sister-in-laws.  We are planning a sister-in-law retreat in February.  How fun does that sound.  VERY.  It is hard to attend to children when we are together because we just want to chat. Enter a retreat with a no children. 
The brothers really like to talk too, so sometimes the children run wild.   It was good of Stuart and Tiffany to host all the wild children. 
A picture of some of said wild children.
And a few wild teenagers as well.
Looking a little more civilized... save the two creepers in the background.
Tiffany planned some really fun minute-to-win-it style Christmas games.  Here we have reindeer antlers made of balloons and pantyhose.  
Cutie little George.
Random tidbit:   George has been asking me about legally changing his name from George to Thumper.
Why?  I don't know.
Cannon was our family's team champion for the Rudolph game of transferring red pom-poms from one bowl to another using your nose and vaseline.
Elinor and Gentri are too much fun together.
William, Calvin, and Cannon.
We haven't had any major snow storms yet, but we've had a few little ones.  I guess this one was big enough to build this impressive snowman.  Sadly, it was pummeled to the ground mere moments after the picture was taken.  Much like a block tower, the knocking down is almost as much fun as the building.
It can be hard to be in the middle of a large family.  Several weeks back, Cannon asked for a gingerbread house kit.  I finally remembered to get one and then it sat on the counter.  Poor kid, kept asking when we could do it, but we were so busy that it kept getting put off.  Finally, Abe helped Team Middle Kids put it together.  I like to think I would have gotten to it eventually--preferably before Christmas Day.

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