Sunday, December 18, 2016

Long Post About Nothing and Everything

Faith had her December gymnastics recital last week.  I suppose it could be more fun to actually be a gymnast myself, but since that is unlikely to happen, it is so fun to live vicariously through her.
Here's her routine.  Here hair is down in this picture, but it's in a pony tail in the routine.  She begins in the back row and fiddle with her hair a bit, if that's any help in finding her.

Look who finished reading Green Eggs and Ham.
Look who needs a haircut... or at least someone to comb his hair.  Oh, well.
I had a really sweet time with George on Saturday.  He was desperate to get to the park to do some sledding and none of the kids were available to go with him and he's not old enough to go alone.  Finally, I got Greta to sleep and I showered (both easier said than done) and I just watched him sled.   Here he is catching some big air!

Also on Saturday was Clark's long awaited, annual "Jingle Bell Bash"!  This is a Heroscape tournament he plans and has put on for three years running now.  This is a game he has loved for many years, but it is no longer being manufactured.  It seems there is still quite a loyal fan base that plays regularly.  He had local friends, and guys coming from around Utah and even Idaho.  There were 16 participants in the tournament he hosted at a local game store.
Cannon begged and pleaded to be allowed to spend the day participating in the tournament.
I don't know who this young man in red is, but he couldn't have been very happy to lose this round to an 8 year old.  Clark says Cannon is quite good at the game .
When Clark leaves on a mission I think we are going to have one devastated little boy at our house.
This little sweetie Santa Baby turned 5 months this week.  Putting aside the endless drool and remarkably smelly gas, she is perfect.
Elinor is so awesome.  Here she is working on the programming for the FLL robot in her and Peter's room.  She and Clark somehow maneuvered this massive table into her room.  This picture doesn't show it very well, but there is hardly any space in her room now.
This is as wide as her door can open.  Way to take one for the team!
She is so nice to Peter.  Do you see Greta delicious chunky baby legs in the mirror?  Oh so yummy!
Competition day is January 14, so we are getting down to crunch time.
Here is the team with their mentors on our field trip to the Humane Society of Utah this week.  The kids are working on a project that is supposed to improve the lives of people and animals.  They have an idea about a "Rent-a-Pet" store.  They were doing research at the shelter.
Some little siblings got to go along on this outing.
This was taken on the way to the shelter, but the ride home may or may not have gotten a little too competitive with the other carload of team members.  I should have known better than to get into a competition with Camille Schramm.  She is vicious!  She's like a pit bull at an animal shelter.   Foolish me.
I must share this funny little game that Faith plays-- mostly because I want to remember it.  She takes on the character of Elizabeth Airfeather (oops, I thought it was Emily Featherhead).  She is an English girl that is staying with an aunt and cousin in America while her father is away at sea and she awaits her mother coming from England to get her.  She "writes" in cursive while she talk out loud about the struggles of her new life in America.  But all the talking is done in a charmingly bad English accent.  I adore her.
Did I already mention that Clark's robotics team is gearing up for the insanity of build season.  It is quite exciting.  They recently had their first team meeting of the year and they were off-- running to catch the train.  So it begins.
Peter has been doing so well lately.  Can I get a hallelujah!!??
And we've found he loves this kinetic sand.  He'll sit in this chair with his trucks and sand and play for well over an hour at a stretch.  This is some sort of Christmas miracle.

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