Sunday, December 25, 2016

Teenagers are Pretty Great

The teens of the house had a few friends over for a little Christmas shindig recently.  The highlight was building gingerbread houses.
I was quite impressed with their creativity and resourcefulness.
Here we have "London Bridge".  Leave it to a robot engineer to design a bridge for a gingerbread house.
This group did the Draper, UT Temple.  Their's was structurally sound and quite beautiful.  I shouldn't pick favorites, but this was probably my fave.
This was a classic cathedral/ church, including Nativity scene of jelly beans and gravestones of upright smarties in the back.  They went all out grinding up smarties for snow.  It had quite the winter wonderland effect.
These adorable little overachievers built the whole village themselves.  I understand that the structure nearest the bottom has orange and red "flames" of gumdrops because the roof collapsed and it caught fire.
It makes sense that someone with such evil demented eyes, as is pictured above, would be a part of the team to create Trump Tower-- complete with a orange and yellow gumdrops to create Trump himself looking out the window.
Here we have an example of why younger children may need a little more supervision than the teens.  Their creation was named "Diabetes Junkyard".  They got a little carried away with all that frosting and it didn't go well.  But they sure had fun.
Their creations have made such beautiful Christmas decorations.
Raising teenagers is not without challenges,(and we're just getting going), but they are incredibly remarkable, entertaining and enjoyable.  I just loved listening to them as they played games and talked and joked.  Honestly, what a treat to have such interesting, delightful young people living in, and hanging at our house from time to time.  

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