Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week of Music

Oh, my, my, my!
December certainly is a busy month-- all in good ways, but sometimes it can be hard to squeeze all the goodness in.
Last week, music took center stage on our family calendar.  Bethany's Lyceum Philharmonic Orchestra had rehearsals and several concerts featuring the Gentlemen's Trio known as "Gentri" (no relation to Abe's cute niece by the same name), and Lexi Walker.  Abe and I attended the Wednesday evening concert and HOLY MOLY!  That was a lot of Christmas cheer on one stage!
If you look closely you can see Bethany-- her hair is pulled back in a pony tail and she is right in between the gray jacketed guy and the blue jacketed guy.
Greta came along with Abe and I and she was a dream.  She was in heaven-- getting snuggled by mommy and listening to beautiful music.
She's been performing up at Weber State this evening and will be at Abravanel Hall Monday night.  Wish I was going again, but Abravanel Hall isn't as accommodating of babies.
Thursday night was my piano students' recital and I was so, so happy with how everyone played.  I enjoy these kids and it is so rewarding to see them progressing.  Aren't I lucky to have such a great job!  The Christmas recital is my favorite each year. 
 Quite likely my favorite picture EVER.
And I thought girls in matching dresses were cute.  I mean, they are.  Big time.  But brothers in matching bow ties and suspenders??  Are you kidding me.  Be still, my heart.
The traditional neighborhood little ladies picture.
Some of the dudes.  Perhaps the others did not wish to be photographed.  I can respect that.
They are a very segregated group.  I guess the memo went out that the polite, well-behaved girls were to sit on the east side of the room.
And the slightly more animated young men were to sit on the west side.  
He's getting ready.
He has good examples to follow.  
We're tossing around the idea of George beginning lessons with the cello.  I'm not sure how many more piano recitals he will have.
Here is George's video.
Here is Cannon's.
Here is Faith's.
Post-recital dessert with friends is a great way to decompress.
The little people had the play area to themselves.

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