Thursday, December 1, 2016

Welcome, December!

I love the scene of Abe and the kids setting up the Christmas tree.  I am present with them, but I am mostly observing.  We love teasing Abe about his first choice of Christmas listening music-- "Osmond Family Christmas".  I think the harmonies are atrociously over-the-top, but he's loved it since his childhood, so we all listen to it every year.
George put the first present under the tree.  He is giving to Cannon this year, so he promptly went upstairs to wrap up the old CD player/stereo he recently inherited from Clark.  I love how little kids give what they have to give.
Snuggle babies in the morning are a few of my favorite things.
I returned from my morning walk to find a band of robbers in my family room.  They called me the "Po-Po" (the police) and ran away from me.
Tuesday evening Faith and Cannon had their choir concert at the Assembly Hall downtown.  It was lovely, as always.  Made even lovelier by not having to chase Peter around-- thank goodness for older kids who were willing to stay home with him.
My sister's daughter and several neighborhood friends are a part of the choir as well, so George was happy to meet up with a cousin and friends to listen to the concert.
This is how one of my children saw me this week.
For the record, I did not stomp on a child.  I did not attempt to stomp on a child.  I didn't even threaten to stomp on a child.
But perhaps I did raise my voice and express displeasure.  So sue me.
Here is Bethany's reenactment of the picture that she drew.
They love me.
We ran into friends at Festival of Trees this evening.  Elinor was playing piano in the afternoon and then Cannon was dancing a little later.  Abe was able to join us and we had such an enjoyable time.  We even saw some clogging grandmas-- that's not something you see every day.
Cannon has a little friend in his Primary class that dances at the same studio.  They both did great.  
We had a robotics meeting this afternoon and the team had a great time playing "Big Budda" on their break.  I really enjoy these kids and they seem to enjoy each other.
A little late night Clue game among siblings.

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