Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017- One Week Down

Two thumbs up from Peter!  This little Mr. is doing so, so well!  His communication is improving leaps and bounds by the day.  His frustration levels are way down.  He is sleeping well.  He is eating well.  He is happy and hugging everyone.  He has even--- if you can believe it--- had several glorious potty training moments.

I know.
I can hardly believe it myself.
And for my new favorite picture-- Pete and Gret.  Oh, how he loves her.  He will on occasion tell me to put her down.
"Down.  Down."
That means I am to put her down and pick him up.  Frankly, I am so overjoyed that he is using a word to tell me what he wants rather than screaming, that I will happily oblige.
Here he is, back with his favorite activity--- his trucks and his kinetic sand.
George decided he wanted to join Cannon in his all boys hip-hop dance class.  
No problem!  Boys tuition is half-off at the dance studio and we're already headed there.  Brilliant!  
George loved his first day.
The dancing Fox boys!  How fun.
You know what's not fun?  Cavities.  
We've had a really good track record, but Faith (poor thing) just shattered it.  I swear, we went to our regular dentist in August.  Everyone, including Faith, had a clean dental bill of health.  So how she got FIVE cavities in five months, I do not know.  
At least Faith got a carton of ice cream to herself to eat the day she got them filled.
The cavities were on Thursday.  Not fun.  
But Saturday, she and I and Greta went to the opening meet for the University of Utah Red Rocks gymnastics team.  Very fun.  We took TRAX up and had such a delightful time together.  What a treat!  Greta did great until the last event when the U was on the floor exercise and the arena was going nuts.  That was a little too much excitement for her.  But she liked riding on the train and looking all around.
Our seats weren't very close up, but they were on the first row of the upper bowl and we could put our feet up on the concrete ledge in front of us.  Very comfy and on the aisle, so I didn't have to worry about needing to make an easy exit with Greta.  
Watching Faith's enamored face as she watched the meet was well worth any discomfort I felt being on the University of Utah campus.  
Okay, not really kidding.  I'm uncomfortable there.  I heard a snotty boy make a rude remark about BYU on the TRAX train going up and I almost picked a fight on a train full of U fans.  
Okay, not really.  
But I can go do something I enjoy with my girl who I enjoy even more.  And I'll clap along, but I won't stand up for the fight song.  I must draw the line somewhere.   
In the latest edition of "Why are the Foxes so Weird?"  I present you with a charming little game they play on occasion.  It's called "Prison Guard".   They set up the gymnastics mats in a continuous circle so there is no exit.  And the prison guard (Bethany in this game) pretends to be the guard and won't let them out.  
That's it.  That's the whole game.  
They love it.  
Okay, well, Peter wasn't loving this particular moment.  Don't worry, it's not real prison and there is no abuse.  He was promptly removed from prison.  
Some kids just have no imagination.
And as in any good game... it ends in wrestling.
Last week we had quite a bit of good snow fall.  Abe, being the great dad that he is, promptly took Team Middle Kids out to build a snow fort.
It was impressive, although not a free-standing structure.  They did use some supports for the roof.  If it means my children won't get trapped in a collapsed snow fort, I'm good with it.
It has been so very cold lately, but today warmed up and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer.  Hooray!  The freshly fallen snow is so pretty, but let's get it all melted away before it turns gray and nasty.
I think I'm going to have a really good night's sleep tonight, because of this...
Greta had her first bites of rice cereal!  She loved it!
It would not appear so from this picture, but she was gobbling it up.   And then spitting it out.  And then gobbling up some more.  
She does look rather alarmed in these pictures.  I assure you she was happy.
Oh, she is so yummy!
Patience, patience my little Greta.
Here's hoping for a good night's sleep tonight.  
But if not, at least I'll have adorable company!

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