Saturday, January 28, 2017

Abe Turns 42

Abe began his birthday celebration last Sunday evening when our wonderful friends, the Chase family, came over to serenade him with a compilation of Osmond family hits, and gave him a CD of greatest hits.
Why not?
You see, Diana (on the left) is Abe's buddy in the tenor section in ward choir.  They do rather cause a ruckus, but they have a great time.  She found out that Abe's favorite Christmas music is the Osmond Family Christmas album, which also happens to be one of my least favorite!  Anyway, knowing of his love for the Osmonds, they worked up a little number and it was great fun.  We love the Chases.  It's not every friend that will sing the Osmonds for you!
On the evening of his actual birthday we got some dinner together and then spent the evening at a private rock concert!  The band sang him happy birthday and we partied just about as hard as we ever do!  Not saying too much, but it was something.  Actually, it was super fun.  Dave Young is our good friend on the drums.
I guess we partied so hard it set off the fire alarm in the City Creek building-- firetrucks and everything!  It wasn't too long before we could all head back in and all was well.  I don't know why Abe would be giving a thumbs up when a fire alarm is causing everyone to evacuate a building.  I guess he's just a positive kind of guy!
Heading down ten flights of stairs.  
My shame is that my legs were genuinely sore today after going down so many stairs.  Heaven forbid if my life depended on getting myself up that many.
This picture was taken last Sunday morning when the little kids came into our room for morning stories with Dad.  He tells them stories with their characters:  Faith is Fire-Girl, George is Laser Dragon, and Cannon is Dark Bot.  Altogether they are "The Fearsome Three". 
Peter wasn't there for this story telling, but his name since his infancy is Stink Bomb.  Stink Bomb, as it turns out, only makes occasional appearances, and yet he is somehow their mysterious boss-leader.
Little Greta looking pretty for church last Sunday.  That evening she came down with a fever and had a sad cold for most of the week.  She's on the mend now.  Even in her discomfort, she's been a doll!
Warning:  This is the first of many Greta pictures to be shared.  I can't help myself.  

As I wished Abe a happy birthday, I confessed that I hadn't gotten him a present.  Not an unusual occurrence in our marriage.  Mostly, we just like to have a date together for our birthdays.  As usual, he said he didn't want anything.  Then, like the wonderful father he is, he expressed his gratitude to be at this point in his life; that we are happily married, and have all our children here on earth, plus our angel baby Tessa.  That is his gift.
So here is my simple gift to Abe-- a few pictures of our kids as of late-- to look at and enjoy.
Cannon has discovered Harry Potter and he can't get enough.  I'm reading them aloud to the kids, but I can't keep up with Cannon's demand.  
George was excited that the house was actually picked up enough to get out the Snap Circuits-- so many little parts require a clean working space.
The teenage girls a a recent ice skating youth activity.  
Bethany working hard at Papa Murphy's Pizza.  
  Lots of love.
Elinor was so happy to have Abe hang her punching bag in the garage.
She is in heaven.
I realize I don't have a very recent picture of Clark because he's been gone so much with robotics, but this is the face Greta made when she was looking at Clark.  She quite likes him.  And it is so sweet to see how much he loves her.  I think it's rather caught him off guard just how much she has charmed him.
And seriously, what is not to love?!
Smiles for days.
Well... she doesn't smile at everyone.  Only about half of the population.  Besides Clark and Abe, she is something of a man-hater.  If they look at her or talk to her she cries.  I guess that's okay for a few more years.
We are smitten.
Check out her two little claw fingers on each side.  
  Is it enough pictures of Greta yet?  
Okay, I'll try to move on.  
Peter loves to have his picture taken, but he loves to make these faces.  I can't get him to smile normal yet.
Peter had a couple of rough days this week, but he's also had a few breakthrough moments that give me such hope.  Namely, at the aquarium today he was about impulsively run away to the next area... when he paused for a moment, looked back at me, ran back to me and said, "Me... mon" (interpreted means, come with me).  
He had some impulse control.  Somewhere in his mind he knew he shouldn't run away without me and he stopped himself and waited!  THAT'S HUGE!
No lack of personality here.
Here is Peter eating his favorite breakfast-- rice krispies, and holding his favorite toys--a stuffed lizard and his dump truck.
The boys at the aquarium.

Abraham, thank you for being you.  Thank you for spending your days and nights working hard to take care of this family.  We love you beyond measure and wish you a very happy 42nd birthday. 

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Amy F. said...

A private rock birthday party sounds like a present to me! Love all your kids and cute Greta pics!