Monday, January 9, 2017

Frog and Toad

I'm pleased to introduce you to our long time reading mascots-- Frog and Toad.  Abe's wonderful mother gave them to us years ago and they have occupied a place of honor on the bookshelves for roughly fifteen years.  I love Frog and Toad.  I feel very protective of them.  It is a near unforgivable crime in this house to remove Frog or Toad's clothing.  Ask my children and thy will tell you-- Mom freaks out if someone removes their clothing!

A few days ago I saw an article in the Arts section of the newspaper that a local theater was putting on A Year With Frog and Toad-- a musical based on the children's books by Arnold Loebel.  I completely adore these book and have loved reading them with all my beginning readers.

My first encounter with Frog and Toad was at Abe's parent's house, shortly after we were married. The first story in the original Frog and Toad book is entitled "The List".  Toad makes a list of everything he's going to do that day, but when it blows away in the wind, he is distraught and cannot move on because he doesn't know what is next on his list.
This was so funny to me, because at the time, and still somewhat now, Abe was a hard-core list maker.  So I bought him the book for Christmas and I've loved all the books ever since.
Recently, George has discovered these books and has requested they be his books I read aloud to him.  I was more than happy to oblige.  So when I saw the play was being produced locally, I knew I HAD to go on a date with George.  I would have loved to take all the kids, since they all loved Frog and Toad, but the budget suggested a single date with George would be more feasible.  He was the perfect age at the perfect time for a perfect evening.
Here is George at the end with Frog and Toad live and in action!  The show was completely delightful!  Because George was so familiar with the stories, he got quite a kick out of recognizing everything.  He laughed through the whole thing. The music was catchy and it was a high quality production.
Two of the things I enjoy so much about the Frog and Toad characters are their friendship and their joy in the simple things in life.   I want to be more like Frog and Toad.
George was tuckered out by the time we got home.  This was a magical evening with this sweet six year old boy and I was so thankful to get to have such a fun outing with him.


Camille Fox said...

Your date was inspired. What a precious memory you created with your George! So happy for you. (I'm a huge Frog and Toad fan as well.)

Amy F. said...