Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Years Eve 2016

I usually get a little blogged out and then I forget to write about New Year's Eve celebrations.  We have had the same New Year's tradition for 9 years straight-- GAME NIGHT WITH THE JOHANSENS!   We play games and eat treats from about 6 pm until about 1 am.  This year was no exception, except that we had even more fun that usual.  I don't know why-- nothing was really different-- but we both agreed it was just a super fun time.
Look, even Greta is having a marvelous time!
Jeff and I both have very unfortunate "game faces" on.  We had a great game of liars dice.
Guys playing a fun card game.
There is usually some playing of the wii for the younger crowd.
Some "Just Dance" is part of the entertainment.
At the stroke of midnight there is always dashing out of doors...
... and banging on pots and pans.
And there is some smoochie-smoochie to ring in the new year.
Our New Year's Eve celebration is a a simple one, but it has brought us so much enjoyment over the years.  Many thanks to the Johansens for their friendship and fun times together

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