Sunday, February 5, 2017

Recs Move

George took a long nap on the couch yesterday and the extra sleep must have put his brain into overdrive, because he stayed up late last night creating a new game he called, "Recs Move".
Both Abe and I got a turn to test out the prototype this morning before church. 
It was pretty fun and I will say I was pretty impressed with all the different elements he had thought of.  The funny thing was it was pretty much impossible to beat George at his own game because he could change the rules mid-game to benefit himself. 
And then he'd give us this look of triumph when he'd kill off one of our guys.  He'd say something like, "Well, that's how it goes sometimes!"
I played with George first, but I was clearly too concerned about the rules.  Abe played with him next and he was a lot more fun.  This is not news to me.  Abe is always more fun than me and I'm totally good with it.  It relieves any unnatural pressure I might feel to be more fun. 
I wish I had more insight to share as to the origin of the game title, "Recs Move". 
When I first heard it I thought of "Rex Kwon Do" from Napoleon Dynamite.  Upon further questioning, I do believe that might actually have been the inspiration for the title of the game. 
Oh my, the incessant movie and tv show and comedy sketch quoting in this house has really spiraled out of control.  And I can't entirely blame the children.  I find myself thinking and speaking in "quote". 
We sure do enjoy each of these interesting little people!
I must say, this is markedly better thought through and interesting than the lame Candy Land type games I made as a kid. 


Camille Fox said...

What a cute and creative kid. Those one on one moments are the best! Way to make time for your sweet and handsome George. I love it.

Amy F. said...

What a clever boy!