Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Good Life

Bethany recently got a cute new hairdo.  She is fast approaching her 16th birthday.  She is working at Papa Murphy's Pizza.  I love to hear her practice her violin as I do housework-- it's the best possible soundtrack.  Someday when she no longer lives at home I will miss the sound of a violin.  I suppose one of the younger kids will have to take it up!
Bethany and I had way too much fun going to see Mama Mia! with Andrea and Raven last week.  I've had Abba songs in my head ever since.
A father/daughter picture the day before the haircut.  She really struggled to decide whether to go for the chop or not. 
And her long locks were gorgeous, but change is healthy and hair grows back!  Besides, I think her new look is absolutely adorable on her.
Cute little Faith and her cute little Greta.  As much as Bethany and Faith looked alike, Faith and Greta may look even more similar.
Here is a picture of Faith just a little bit older than Greta is now, wearing the same little outfit. 
We have had sickness passing through our family.  Greta was first, then Abe, and now Peter have been the most severely afflicted. 
A lot of women joke about men turning into total babies when they are sick, but that is in no way the case with Abe.  He keeps going and working and I have to beg and plead for him to just go lie down and REST!  This was after a full day of activity while sick and he finally slowed down and got warm.
Peter has been the worst hit and has had a high fever the last couple of days.  In lots of ways Peter reminds me of Clark as a little guy.  Like Clark, Peter attaches to things and carries them around with him all day.  His absolute favorite toy is his little yellow dump truck.  He got it for his birthday in August and still has it!  That is some sort of miracle!  His second favorite is the stuffed lizard toy.
Clark and Cannon teaching George the favorite game of Heroscape.  This is a good thing because when Clark leaves, Cannon will need a buddy to play it with.

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