Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We Made It Through February!

Bethany and Faith have always looked quite a bit alike.  Bethany recently did Faith's hair for her gymnastics pictures and the resemblance was striking to me.
Abe, Clark, and baby Greta working on submitting Clark's mission papers.  He's hoping to have them submitted in a couple of weeks and possibly have a mission call by the end of March.  WHAT?!?  CRAZY!  How did we get here already?
Peter and yet another attempt at smiling:)
Here he is with a collection of his favorite toys on this particular day.  His all-time, top favorite toy is the little yellow dump-truck.  Can you believe we have kept track of the toy truck since his birthday in August?  I think that's pretty impressive!
Peter's Magformer creation... and a somewhat normal facial expression.  
Sweet little baby Greta.  She is undergoing some "sleep-training" this week.  Happily it hasn't been too traumatic, but it has resulted in much more sleep than ever before for her.  Happy day.  Happy night!
A Cannon family dinner a couple of weeks ago.  Chip and Laura brought their awesome puppy-dog, Crush.  Cannon cousins!
Clark and Co. watching the robot reveal videos for other FIRST robotics teams.  I really enjoy how much of a family affair the robotics competitions are.  The Utah regional is March 8-11.  Clark is getting his wisdom teeth removed on March 2nd, and while he recovers that weekend he plans to watch live streaming of regional events in other parts of the country.  I'm hoping we can access it on the TV so we can all watch.  We follow robotics teams like some people follow basketball teams!
Lucky baby.  Lucky Daddy.
Our very good friend's son, Nathan, got married this weekend and we felt very fortunate to be invited to the festivities.
I am thankful for these good women in my life.

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