Sunday, February 12, 2017

You Make Me Sick!

Oi Vey!
The sickness afflicting this house the past week is bad business.  Sadly, it wasn't the kind of week we could just cancel everything and stay home.  If you don't hate us yet for infecting you, you probably just haven't spent much time around us!
This is Peter and I visiting the Dr. earlier in the week when he had high fevers.  A solid week of fevers.
He was lethargic.
It was just too hard to do anything.  Along with the daytime sickness came terrible sleeping.  SO TIRED!
The first step of the stairs is his favorite spot to lie down and drink a sippy cup.
There was a fair amount of television watched this week.
Okay, there was a disgusting amount.
So, you get the idea.  Everyone seems to have been afflicted in some degree.  Here is the family listed from sickest to most well.
Peter-- near death
Greta-- very, very sad
George--worrisome cough, bad parent award to take in public
Faith-- sick and napping one minute, flipping on the trampoline the next
Elinor-- typical cold symptoms
Cannon-- cough and sniffles, could avoid detection in public
Abe-- finally succumbed today and severely sleep deprived.
Betsy-- minor sniffles all week, mostly suffering from lack of sleep
Clark-- headache last night
Bethany-- not sure, think she is avoiding the rest of us.
Greta started with the fevers a night before last.  I got up as Greta was fussing and moments later this is the scene I came back too.  Greta asleep holding her daddy's finger.  So sweet.
He is, indeed, a nice daddy, playing Duplos with Peter.
Here's to a healthier week.

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