Saturday, March 25, 2017

Happy Eleventh Birthday, Faith!

Whew!  Birthday season is serious business!-- All three girls have their birthdays within a month of each other.  Faith chose a Hollywood, red-carpet movie party.  She has so many delightful friends and although it was a very loud night, it was quite fun!
It's hard to believe she is now eleven. 

Elinor with her cute new bangs.
I guess the boys needed a little break from all the girls.  
They played some games.  Loud games.

The kids all got situated with popcorn, candy and a soda.  Thank you very much, Pinterest.
Faith chose to watch the movie Sing.  
Cute girls!
Faith loved these pens.  We knew Bethany would love them too.  In fact, today, Bethany  made her way to Walmart to purchase her own set.  Now Faith won't have to hide hers from Beth. 
Spiderman even made an appearance on the red carpet.  

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