Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Image is Everything

Cannon and Abe worked hard on his Pinewood Derby car and it looked really good.
And looking good is about all the "Webslinger" really had going for it.  It was.. shall we say... not very fast.
The family tried to comfort Cannon by saying how cool his car looked.  He said to Abe, "Next year, I don't care how the car looks... I want it to be fast!"
I like the row of younger sisters in the audience.  It was a very fun evening despite the less than stellar performance.
I am a Wolf Den leader and Abe has recently been called as the Cub Master.  He does a great job with the boys and we do have a great group of boys!
And from the impressive cars, I dare say we have a great group of dads as well!

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