Sunday, March 5, 2017

Murder at the 1980's Prom

Bethany and Elinor joined forces for a combined birthday celebration and hosted a murder mystery party, "Murder at the 1980's Prom".  I can't say enough good things about all of these kids.  I simply adore them all.
The guys-- I imagine your attention is drawn to the lad in the lederhosen.  He went to Germany, where he acquired such fetching lederhosen, and he played his part of the strict principle with a German accent, and somehow it all worked.
The gals-- perhaps your attention is drawn to Elinor and her creepy, loner look.  I will only say that she rocked the creepy, loner girl character.  Bethany's dress was purchased at the DI, for the bargain price of $6.00.  We want to know what poor sucker thought it was a good idea to pay full price for originally.
The cool younger brothers were just that.  Although we think Cannon was really working more of an early 90's look.
Elinor had a hard time keeping her balance in the black high heels she wore.  She was always reaching for furniture and walls to keep herself steady.
This was nearing the end when they were all interrogating each other.  I like how the overhead light makes it look like they are trying to get a confession.
If you've ever hosted my children at you house, you will most likely concur when I say my children are so loud!    Like, really, really loud!  I mean, I am glad they feel free to express themselves, but could they just express themselves a little bit quieter?
And speaking of expressing themselves... it was a Prom dance after all.  There had to be some dancing-- and Elinor's character-- the loner, was off in her own world.
What kind of prom would it be without some awkward couple pictures under the balloon arch?  By the way, cute little Corrine was the murderer!
Mr. Lederhosen and his younger sister, McKinley.
Oh, Tanner, what a charming little nerd you are.
Oh, Elinor, you frighten me.

Jacob, you played the dumb jock just a little too well.
Bethany, I think you would have made a fine 80's chick.
Cera and Enoch-- the math teacher and the troubled, bad boy.  That makes you the oddest couple of the night!
Kidding about all the couples.  These were not dates, it just seemed funny to pair up for pictures.
Not that you'd have to do much to convince Abe to join in a party, but give it an 80's theme and let him DJ, and you've got one happy dad!
George is just too cool.
You can't see it very well in this pictures, but Jacob (in the letterman's jacket) a Enoch (on the left) cut themselves mullets for the evening.  I'd hoped to see them sporting them at church today, but they made a better choice and showed up at church with nice, sharp haircuts this morning.  Darn, that would have been funny.

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