Saturday, March 25, 2017

Pig Noses and Red Rover

My new favorite picture.
A couple weeks back I was teaching the kids of our book club to make great pig noses with a piece of scotch tape.   I hesitated to put this picture up because of the little gal on the right.  She knows not what she does.
I can't be the only one who finds this funny.
If you've never made a scotch tape pig nose, you really ought to try it.  It quite changes your whole face.
I'm a terrible person.  Not only did I allow it, but I encouraged the kids to play Red Rover.  Our book for the month was Old Yeller, so we sang "Old Yeller, Old Yeller, send so-and-so right over".
Of course a couple of kids got hurt.  That's why I'm terrible.  I know the risks and yet...
I figure this is my little way of fighting back against the "everyone gets a trophy" mentality.
Red Rover is raw and real.  Kids can and do get clothes-lined.  Arms can and do get broken.
Maybe it's because I was always a sturdier gal and it was a game that favored the hefty.  Every other game was for the scrawny, agile kids.
Even so, putting children at risk is no way to deal with my body image issues.  I understand that.  Shame on me.
The injured.
Of course it's the little ones.
We stopped after the injuries (I'm not a complete savage), but they did have a fun time while it lasted. 
Here are some fun pictures from a recent science club at another homeschooling house.  Bubble Mania!
My kids have really enjoyed the weekly club gatherings with our homeschooling friends.

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