Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Stuff Life Is Made Of

Abe and Cannon have created "Webslinger" for Cannon's first Pinewood Derby this coming Tuesday.  Cannon and his buddies in the neighborhood are pretty excited and it's adorable to listen to them talk about their cars.
Clark made a Pinewood Derby car for three years in a row-- as a Wolf, Bear, and Webelo.
But Cannon marks the beginning a of a long, long, oh so long, line of Pinewood Derby cars Abe will have to make with the boys.  Thankfully, we have a very handy neighbor, Lane Wright, who is only slightly more handy with tools than Abe is.
I understand that Lane keeps of box labeled "Pinewood Derby" in his garage for just such cases as us.
Clark got his wisdom teeth taken out this week.  The Dr. said his recovery wouldn't be too bad as they were not impacted.  He was down for a couple of days, but has felt much better the last two day.  Out of respect to him, I will not show the pictures of his recovery.  I involved bags of frozen peas tied to his head.
Scary thought:  Getting his wisdom teeth was the last thing to be done before getting his mission papers submitted.
Poor George may be suffering from some pretty bad allergies.  For a couple of days his eyes were so itchy and watery.  I gave him some allergy medicine for about three days and now he's feeling better.  Maybe it was just a cold, but I think I know allergy symptoms when I see them.  Speaking of such, (knock on wood) I haven't been afflicted yet this season.  Usually by the start of March I'm in a bad place.  So maybe, just maybe, I have outgrown them?  That could happen, right?
How embarrassing to Bethany that I am putting this up, but she is doing a biology course this year and I just love the thoroughness of these cell drawings.   She isn't quite as far as she is supposed to be by this point in the school year, but dang it all!-- she really understands the difference between animal cells and plant cells!
Church was really nice today, as it almost always is.  But today, during Primary, I opened up my bag to look for something and I saw THIS!  WHAT JOY!  What sort of angel puts a bag of Dove chocolate into someone's bag without their knowledge?
It was the Jr. Primary chorister thanking me for filling in for her a couple of weeks last month.  Of course, no chocolate payment was needed, but, oh my!  What a lovely surprise it was.
The world would be a better place if we all just slipped bags of chocolate into other people's bags more often.
Friday night Cannon and I (and Greta, of course) went on a date to the U's final gymnastics meet of the season.  He was mostly excited to ride TRAX.  We had a lot of fun, but it was a long commute both ways because TRAX was down for the last several stops up to the U, which meant we had to ride slower, more crowded buses to the arena.  He said he has had enough of TRAX for a while.  The thrill of public transit can be short lived.
I find it somewhat miraculous when I meet up with someone I know on TRAX.  I suppose it shouldn't be all that wondrous, considering we were both going to the same place at the same time.  Even so, I am always shocked when it happens.  I act like I haven't seen the person for 10 years!  On the rides both there and back we ended up on the same train as my great friend Jennilyn and her daughter Gemma.
And now for a series of pictures I like to call, "She Is So Cute, I Want to Eat Her Up".  No commentary is necessary, except to say, 7 month is my favorite baby age.

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