Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Women's Gathering

Saturday night was the Women's Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  My local women folk gathered at my home for a meal beforehand and then we all headed over to the church building to watch the broadcast.  I love being a woman, a wife, and a mother.  I love being a part of a family filled with wonderful, faithful women.  I love being a member of a church that celebrates womanhood and motherhood.
Bethany and Elinor adore their cousins Kyli and Gentri.  The four of them were in typical Fox form-- that is to say, they were quite loud.  Maybe Kyli had a little more decorum than the rest:)  Bethany and Elinor got into a sister poking, slapping, teasing battle.  Boys may be more violent, but it you've ever had the misfortune to witness or participate in a sister silly war, you know they can be loud with laughter and quite lengthy.
My stepmom Beverly and stepsister Candee.   They are wonderful and we loved having them with us.  There were fewer Foxes sitting at the kitchen table, so it was markedly quieter than other parts of the house.
Emma on the left was spending the day with us.  The other gals, Kaylee and Takara are Faith's cousins.  I love how the Women's Conference is for women and girls 8 and up.  Greta was mostly happy throughout the evening, but not in this picture.
Peter Parker knew he found a friend in Aunt Lori.  She is the funniest Aunt and an awesome speech therapist all in one!
Aunt Laura, Elinor, Moriah, and Evie.  My girls love their Aunt Laura and Elinor has decided she wants to be an accountant just like Aunt Laura.
Greta always seems content with cousin Lizzy.  Lizzy has the magic touch with babies!
Claire and Kaylee decorating their cupcakes.  
Abe's sister Marjorie and her daughter Millie.  I think Millie was happier than she appears here:)
We even had a possible future family member-- this cute gal is dating Candee's son Andrew.

The women's meeting was inspiring and uplifting.  In this group of women I feel inspired and uplifted.  I am so thankful.

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