Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This is Us

Sometimes we invite people over and we clean up our house.
Sometimes I come home and the house looks like this, or worse.
Such is life these days.
This morning Bethany said, "Umm... is that poo on the floor?"
It is a collection of rocks Peter is attached to the last couple of days.
I admit, it looks suspicious.  I can understand her concern.  But we are not quite that far gone.
One of Peter's rocks fell into the trash can (accidentally) and he completely lost it.  The screaming and crying was intense.  Thankfully it was retrieved by some very kind siblings.  Along with his rock collection, he really loves my trombone mouthpiece.
Why?  I have no idea.  I keep putting it away and he keeps getting it out.
Faith's allergy to cold seems to be worsening.  I need to take her into the Dr. because when your lips swell up after eating ice cream, you've got troubles.  It would be bad if her throat swelled up.  On the plus side, what lovely, full lips she has!
This little Greta Bean is now eight months old!  She has been plagued by a lot of sickness the last month and a half, but hopefully she is over it, for a little while at least.  She likes to accompany me on my morning walks.
Clark and Bethany are now both working at Papa Murphy's Pizza.  Now that robotics building season has ended, Clark has returned.  It was somewhat uncomfortable that on his first day back he was sort of Bethany's boss.  Hopefully, they'll work out some sort of professional relationship.  Otherwise, I 'm afraid I might hear about it at home.  I'll tell them "What happens at Papa Murphy's, Stays at Papa Murphy's."
Greta loves her some Clark.  He is the only person, besides me, that she will actually lean towards to be held by.  She really likes the string of his sweatshirt.  It makes my heart very happy to see them love each other.
On Sunday Abe was holding Greta and letting her slime his tie to keep her happy.  He's a good daddy like that.  I quickly grabbed my camera to capture this moment, realizing this was the tie that Abe wore to our wedding luncheon just about 20 years ago.  And here was our last baby playing with it at church.  It was just a lovely moment.

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