Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Which the Fox Family Vacations in Boise

For several years now, springtime means traveling for robotics competitions!  This weekend was back to Boise, Idaho and there are a LOT of pictures for me to share because there was so much goodness.
Peter loves going to see the robots and he loves his "X" shirt.  Clark is a senior, so this is his last year on the team, and that was definitely much more bitter than sweet for both him and us.  We have all loved his involvement with the FIRST organization.
Lucky for us, Elinor officially joins the team next year, (she was a hardworking intern this year) so our days of combining family vacations and robotics competitions will continue for a few more years.
We got into town around lunchtime on Thursday and there wasn't much by way of robots to watch until Friday.  It was an extremely rainy day, so we joined every other child living in or around Boise at the Idaho Discovery Center.
It was raining slime.
This wasn't a very big museum compared to some we've seen around the country, but they did have some really great hands-on exhibits.
The gang built an arch.
Clark and Elinor weren't with us because we'd already dropped them off at the arena.  
Cannon was testing out how his arm might move if her were a T-Rex.
Even though there wasn't much to see on Thursday, we just couldn't stay away.  We stopped by for a little bit to get a taste of what was to come the next two days.
And it was great fun.  It is a roller coaster of emotions with wins and losses and hopes soaring and being dashed!  
It is rather exhausting for the little ones.  We kind of like that for two days straight we get to just hold her and snuggle her.  
It's pretty loud in the stadium, so she didn't sleep very much.
She wasn't very keen on other people holding her, so we were together a lot and my arms are feeling pretty worn out.
Peter really caught on to making the "X" sign with his arms this year.
Hee, hee, hee.  Babies in safety glasses are always cute.
Our three teenagers.  Bethany has never been an official team member but she has been there for all the big moments and is good friends with several on the team.  
Peter made friends with a teenage kid who gave him a dollar.  Peter was very impressed!

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